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Camille DelGrippo, owner of Celestial Healing Arts, has been studying the realms of spirit and magick since she was young.  Her passions drove her to become a healer, where she studied Holy Fire Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing to create the healing sessions she offers today.  Part of her passion is sharing her knowledge and experiences with others through teaching Reiki Classes, Workshops, and one-on-one Mentoring.  Her goal is to make spirituality accessible and achievable on a daily basis.


Camille comes from a background in the allied health field, but has a lifelong interest in the metaphysical. She had already done a lot of self study, but after encouragement from friends and clients she decided to become a Reiki Practitioner in March 2015 in the Holy Fire/Usui Tradition with her teacher Susannah Spanton-Horsey of Reiki Melody.

Spirit has opened the way to many, many more doors and expanded her sights even further. She had already been working with Spirit through Tarot, and this only strengthened her bond. She became a Reiki Master later that same year and has been teaching since. From daily application to working with clients, energy has a place in her life. In March 2017 she received training to become a level 1 Bio-Energy Healer in the Michael D’Alton School of Bio-Energy Healing with her teacher Susannah Spanton-Horsey. Camille is currently continuing to work with the Bio-Energy techniques and is working hard to pursue level 2 Bio-Energy Training with Michael D’Alton himself. She hopes to achieve this goal by end of 2019 by the latest. Camille works continuously with Spirit and the Holy Fire Energy to listen to guidance to integrate new and innovative healing methods so that she can better serve her clients and community.

Since learning and studying multiple paths of energy work, she has created her own unique style of healing that incorporates elements of pulling and drawing energy, returning it to the Earth to be restored, incorporating healing crystals and stones that offer to work with her, working with her spirit guides as well as those of clients to achieve the highest quality of healing for her clients. Each session is unique but profound.

Camille believes that integrative medicine is the key to not only healing the soul, but the body as well. She works with the energy body, to help facilitate healing through the different methods that she offers. She works with Spirit to help guide those on their life path, helping them see what needs to be focused on with her readings and insights. Camille seeks to learn new things and integrating them into her practice, she is always dynamic and adapting to the needs of the people in our current world.

Camille has studied how to exercise your psychic muscles and do tarot/oracle readings with Laurie Blomer in 2015. In November 2016, she took an intensive on reading and working with the Akashic Records with Lori Chrepta. In May 2018, she received trained in the Awaken to Spirit Channeling lvl1 intensive with SummerHawk Wolf and then Spirit Channeling lvl2 in June 2018. In December 2017, she opened a brick & mortar space in Lansdowne, PA. After a year of intense work, Camille moved out of the space following the guidance of the universe to move on to her next steps.

In August 2019 she completed Yoga Teacher Training (200-YTT) with Liz Shanefield and Dan Thompson at Sojourn Yoga in Drexel Hill, PA. She hopes to combine how yoga can help us explore ourselves with her energy healing work as she has in the past. She also hopes to help those with traumatic experiences and difficulty navigating life through movement and energetic awareness. She is also considering continuing her studies in the field of Dentistry to help bring integrative medicine to the public. She has always advocated for the connection between mind, body, and spirit and wants to do more to educate those around her.