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About Me

Camille provides customized Holy Fire II Reiki sessions during which she will check each chakra point and will cleanse and clear these energy centers in your energy body. Working with the energy body it can have positive effects on the physical body as well. Camille combines crystal healing with her work as well as Bio-Energy techniques.

The physical body also has an effect on the energy body and through the physical Asana practice of Yoga we achieve this.  Camille offers Hatha Yoga through streaming on Saturday’s & Sunday’s on Twitch.  She is available for private sessions by appointment and is affiliated with Sojourn Yoga in Drexel Hill, PA.

What is Reiki?
Rei means universal.  Ki means life energy.  We all have access to this energy, however Reiki practitioners have become attuned to this energy, which allows easier access to it’s flow.  The energy flows from above, using the practitioner as a conduit, to flow down through the hands of the healer into the client.  Most people experience this energy as a warmth coming from the Reiki practitioner’s hands.
Harmony of Mind / Body / Soul

Camille believes that integrative medicine is the key to not only healing the soul, but the body as well. She works with the energy body facilitating healing through the different methods that she offers. She works with Spirit to help guide those on their life path, helping provide clarity with her readings and insights. She seeks to learn new things and integrates them into her practice, she dynamically adapts these to fit needs of the people in our current world.


Fascinated with Spirit and the Unseen from a young age Camille has been seeking for years.  In 2010 she started practicing Yoga as a student which eventually led to her becoming in tune with her energy body.  This led to her becoming a Reiki Master and Spiritual Seeker

Yoga - RYT-200

August 2019 - Completed YTT-200 with Sojourn Yoga in Drexel Hill, PA

Spiritual Development

March 2015 - Holy Fire Reiki I & II @ Reiki Melody October 2015 - Holy Fire Reiki Master @ Reiki Melody‎‎ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ​​​​​​​​​ 2015 - Psychic Development with Laurie Blomer   2015 - Tarot & Oracle Reading with Laurie Blomer November 2016 - Akashic Records with Lori Chrepta  March 2017 - Bio-Energy Healing 1 @ Reiki Melody  May 2018 - Spirit Channeling 1 with SummerHawk Wolf June 2018 - Spirit Channeling 2 with SummerHawk Wolf

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