• I had a reading today that completely blew my mind. She was able to bring me such peace and hope for my future!

    Jessica Harkeli
  • These ladies energies are so uplifting! All of there products are handmade and beautiful! The Moon Soap is way to pretty, buy one to use and one as decoration!

    Jen Cataldi
  • Cami is a very strong and gifted energy healing practitioner and intuitive. I’ve recently had the privilege and honor of receiving a healing session from her and working by her side as a fellow healer. Let me tell you, this woman plays no games! I felt so charged and positive after our session. My whole body was buzzing with the positive energy that came from her. Cami takes her work very seriously and her approach is unique to each person she works on. Where traditional Reiki is passive, Cami takes charge in effectively honing in on where the energy is needed and takes more of an active role in directing the energy flow. Cami is also very sensitive to each person’s individual spiritual guidance and will make sure that you not only leave with positive energy, but spiritual messages and guidance that come from spirit guides as she is also a very gifted channel. I highly recommend Cami to anyone who feels that they need healing.

    Perry Foster
  • If you’re hyperactive. Very up, up, up. She’s has calmed me to a working level. She did a full balance I’ve been searching for. A+ I’ve been in search for her type of energy work. Will be back.

    Dan Weisman
  • Thank you Camille DelGrippo for an anmazing REIKI Session today although it being my first experience with Reiki I left feeling Euphoric and feeling open to what Life has in store for me :-0

    Bonnie H.
  • Was a great experience

    Joann V.
  • On thinking back to my experience, I remember the sense I had as I entered Cami’s space. There was a profound sense of stillness, almost as though that space, or its energy, had mass. Good, solid earth energy.

    Ralph C.
  • When I went in for my first session, I entered with the mindset of, "At the very least, it will be a quiet hour of relaxation to recenter myself." What I walked out with was a sense of peace, well-being, and calm I'd not realized I was missing. I work as a software developer with very smart, high-intensity individuals, who are very passionate about what they do. This unfortunately leads to a very stressful and high-stress work day. My first session with Cami took all that worry and stress and helped compartmentalize it, channeling it back into more productive energy channels within my body and mind. Since then I've made it a practice to go in once a month. It's honestly the only thing keeping me grounded some days, knowing that I'm going to get help keeping everything aligned and in balance at regular intervals. I've felt so much more mindful and at peace with my situation and life, and had a much easier time accepting what comes and not allowing it to twist my whole outlook on life. I can't say I was a believer in reiki coming into Cami's practice, but I sure as heck am now!

    Marisa Smith
  • I've been using the Muscle Ache Relive oil for several weeks now and it has been great relieving all kinds of discomfort! I have used it not only on aching muscles, but also my rheumatoid arthritis and even a broken toe! I have been very pleased with the product and I love using safe products! I bought a second one to keep at work! In addition Cami is calming, caring and very informative. I would highly recommend.

    Sharon McDaniel
  • I had the privilege of a reading by Camille a few months back. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, because Camille is very young. Within a few minutes, however, it became clear that she is an accomplished Tarot reader, very knowledgeable, intuitive and quite tuned in to messages from Spirit. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs good guidance on any area of their life.

    Gurpreet Jawa
  • What a great afternoon! Enlightening ! Thank you for such a great experience. Can't wait to reconnect in the fall!

    Joann Scheetz
  • Amazing... simply amazing... I can not wait to see you at the Fall Expo...

    Nikki Seibert
  • I had a great Spirit Guided Reading with Camille at the Light Empowered Exp at Oaks, Pa. What struck me first and foremost during the reading was the conveyance of such high spiritual intelligence from such a young woman. There was a cognitive dissonance between the depth of the spiritual information being imparted to me and the young age of the messenger - namely Camille (I don’t want to sound like an ageist but probably failing). I could not help but conclude this spiritual wisdom was coming from an old soul in a young body. This was not a standard reading where the reader just forecasted future events (though that ability is not to be discounted). This was a reading that brought attention and clarity to the events and dynamics that have occurred in my past, currently playing out in different areas of my life, as well foreshadowed what was to come. Camille provided such deep insights into my life - insights that could only have come from someone with vast spiritual resources and acute psychic abilities. And to my great surprise, Camille honed in on a specific spiritual esoteric practice that I had just renewed (without any help from me, for I had barely spoken a sentence to her at that point). It was so specific that it jarred me out of my conventional reality mindset. And through this confirmation, I gained the validation and comfort in knowing that I was indeed on the right path, and that Spirit remains a co-creator of my life and guide in spiritual development. As someone who has had numerous readings in the past, this one from Camille ranks as one of the top readings, both in its depth, meaning, and accuracy. Needless to say, I will be a repeat customer.

    Alex Briody
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