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Camille provides a variety of services that are customized to each person in every session.  Intuitive Healing Sessions have a basis in Reiki Healing where Camille will check each chakra point and combined with your feedback and her intuitive abilities will cleanse and clear each energy center in your energy body.  Working with the energy body it can have positive effects on the physical body as well.  Camille combines crystal healing with her work as well as Bio-Energy techniques.  She utilizes various techniques to remove blockages and pull the energy through your body and send excess and unwanted energies back to the earth to be restored.  She works hand in hand with the Holy Fire energy to ensure you are renewed and refreshed.

Bio-Energy sessions are more target specific while still providing a nice full body treatment.  80% of this session is done standing.  Camille focuses on cleansing and detoxifying 2-3 specific chakras per session.  It is recommended to have 4 sessions, either consecutively or once a week for four weeks for optimal results.

Through the use of Reiki Symbols Camille works at a distance with a client if they are unable to see her in person.  The same techniques are used at a distance to provide a chakra clearing and balancing for a quality full body treatment.

In her Psychic Spirit Guided Readings Camille utilizes her connection with Spirit to provide you with guidance on that which is most important to you now.  She will often accompany this reading with the use of her Witch’s Tarot deck to provide clarification and visuals for the client.  If you are looking for more guidance in terms of Spiritual Counseling she utilizes similar techniques to guide you through your personal growth and transformation.  Don’t know where to go on your path?  Spiritual Counseling is the way to go.

Akashic Records Readings use your full name to access your own personal Akashic Record (The Library of Souls) to speak with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to provide you guidance in this life, past lives, and healing.  This is a very dynamic and varied reading.  It is best done if you bring specific questions with you to ask your guides.  We will all work together to guide you on your path.

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See What Others Are Saying

  • I had a great Spirit Guided Reading with Camille at the Light Empowered Exp at Oaks, Pa. What struck me first and foremost during the reading was the conveyance of such high spiritual intelligence from such a young woman. There was a cognitive dissonance between the depth of the spiritual information being imparted to me and the young age of the messenger - namely Camille (I don’t want to sound like an ageist but probably failing). I could not help but conclude this spiritual wisdom was coming from an old soul in a young body. This was not a standard reading where the reader just forecasted future events (though that ability is not to be discounted). This was a reading that brought attention and clarity to the events and dynamics that have occurred in my past, currently playing out in different areas of my life, as well foreshadowed what was to come. Camille provided such deep insights into my life - insights that could only have come from someone with vast spiritual resources and acute psychic abilities. And to my great surprise, Camille honed in on a specific spiritual esoteric practice that I had just renewed (without any help from me, for I had barely spoken a sentence to her at that point). It was so specific that it jarred me out of my conventional reality mindset. And through this confirmation, I gained the validation and comfort in knowing that I was indeed on the right path, and that Spirit remains a co-creator of my life and guide in spiritual development. As someone who has had numerous readings in the past, this one from Camille ranks as one of the top readings, both in its depth, meaning, and accuracy. Needless to say, I will be a repeat customer.

    Alex Briody
  • Amazing... simply amazing... I can not wait to see you at the Fall Expo...

    Nikki Seibert
  • What a great afternoon! Enlightening ! Thank you for such a great experience. Can't wait to reconnect in the fall!

    Joann Scheetz
  • I had the privilege of a reading by Camille a few months back. At first, I wasn't sure what to expect, because Camille is very young. Within a few minutes, however, it became clear that she is an accomplished Tarot reader, very knowledgeable, intuitive and quite tuned in to messages from Spirit. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs good guidance on any area of their life.

    Gurpreet Jawa
  • I've been using the Muscle Ache Relive oil for several weeks now and it has been great relieving all kinds of discomfort! I have used it not only on aching muscles, but also my rheumatoid arthritis and even a broken toe! I have been very pleased with the product and I love using safe products! I bought a second one to keep at work! In addition Cami is calming, caring and very informative. I would highly recommend.

    Sharon McDaniel
  • When I went in for my first session, I entered with the mindset of, "At the very least, it will be a quiet hour of relaxation to recenter myself." What I walked out with was a sense of peace, well-being, and calm I'd not realized I was missing. I work as a software developer with very smart, high-intensity individuals, who are very passionate about what they do. This unfortunately leads to a very stressful and high-stress work day. My first session with Cami took all that worry and stress and helped compartmentalize it, channeling it back into more productive energy channels within my body and mind. Since then I've made it a practice to go in once a month. It's honestly the only thing keeping me grounded some days, knowing that I'm going to get help keeping everything aligned and in balance at regular intervals. I've felt so much more mindful and at peace with my situation and life, and had a much easier time accepting what comes and not allowing it to twist my whole outlook on life. I can't say I was a believer in reiki coming into Cami's practice, but I sure as heck am now!

    Marisa Smith
  • On thinking back to my experience, I remember the sense I had as I entered Cami’s space. There was a profound sense of stillness, almost as though that space, or its energy, had mass. Good, solid earth energy.

    Ralph C.
  • Was a great experience

    Joann V.
  • Thank you Camille DelGrippo for an anmazing REIKI Session today although it being my first experience with Reiki I left feeling Euphoric and feeling open to what Life has in store for me :-0

    Bonnie H.
  • If you’re hyperactive. Very up, up, up. She’s has calmed me to a working level. She did a full balance I’ve been searching for. A+ I’ve been in search for her type of energy work. Will be back.

    Dan Weisman
  • Cami is a very strong and gifted energy healing practitioner and intuitive. I’ve recently had the privilege and honor of receiving a healing session from her and working by her side as a fellow healer. Let me tell you, this woman plays no games! I felt so charged and positive after our session. My whole body was buzzing with the positive energy that came from her. Cami takes her work very seriously and her approach is unique to each person she works on. Where traditional Reiki is passive, Cami takes charge in effectively honing in on where the energy is needed and takes more of an active role in directing the energy flow. Cami is also very sensitive to each person’s individual spiritual guidance and will make sure that you not only leave with positive energy, but spiritual messages and guidance that come from spirit guides as she is also a very gifted channel. I highly recommend Cami to anyone who feels that they need healing.

    Perry Foster
  • These ladies energies are so uplifting! All of there products are handmade and beautiful! The Moon Soap is way to pretty, buy one to use and one as decoration!

    Jen Cataldi
  • I had a reading today that completely blew my mind. She was able to bring me such peace and hope for my future!

    Jessica Harkeli

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You can also call or text 267.607.3775 or email at celestialha@gmail.com


Holy Fire Healing Session (60 minutes) – $85 or $100 to Travel to You

Bio-Energy Healing Session (4 required) – $80 per session or $300 if paid upfront

Distance Healing Sessions (60 minutes) – $60

Spirit Guided Readings* – $45/30 min

Spiritual Consultation – $75/hour

Akashic Records Reading* – $60

House Cleansing Services – $150-300 depending on house size, distance, and services rendered

Metaphysical Services – Varies.  Inquire for details.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I Class – $150 for 6 hours of instruction and training, manual and certificate provided

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki II Class – $200 for 6 hours of instruction and training, manual and certificate provided

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Advanced Reiki Training (ART) – $275 for 6 hours of instruction, training, manual, and certificate

Usui/Holy Fire II Master Training – $650 for 12 hours of instruction, training, manual, and certificate

Upcoming Classes :
  • Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I & II Class – October 6-7, 2018 – 9:30am to 5:30pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Usui/Holy Fire II ART/Master Class – November 30, December 1 & 2 – 9:30am to 5:30pm Friday thru Sunday

Please contact me if you’re interesting in hosting me for a workshop, share, or party!

Offered Workshops:

  • Practical Magic : It’s easier than you think!
    • Keeping up with a magickal practice might seem hard but in this workshop we will talk about easy ways to make each day magickal in a practical way.  We’ll talk about daily rituals, spiritual hygiene, how to honor and give offerings to deities & spirits, and how to ask for assistance without bogging down your busy day.  From meditation to spell work, we’ll cover a lot of bases in this workshop.  Cost for this workshop is $25-35 (a group of 4 or more please) and can be scaled from 45 to 90 minutes.
  • DIY: Oils and Blending 
    • DIY: Oils and Blending is a workshop designed to increase your knowledge base of oils, how they work, and how to apply them. The class will cover the properties of various oils, from their physically therapeutic effects and aromatherapy effects to their metaphysical effects. We will use a combination of these to achieve your desired results. We will talk about how different oils “feel” in terms of energetic properties, as well as how to choose and blend them. The class will conclude with the creation of a product based on your selected oil blend. You’ll be able to choose between creating a roll-on, a bath salt, or a room/body spritzer with your custom oil blend, which you can take home to enjoy!  Cost for this Workshop is $35 (a group of 4 or more please) and lasts about 2 – 2.5 hours.
  • Intention Candle Making Class
    • Intention Candles can be used to invoke whatever goals, feelings, or dreams you are looking to achieve.  Similar to a vision board an Intention Candle is decorated with images, words, and colors that evoke the feeling or goal you are trying to achieve.  Whether it be spiritual growth, a new job, or just breaking old habits, when you light or focus on your Intention Candle it can help facilitate that.  It can be a constant reminder or a special tool that you specifically for that purpose.  In this workshop, we will talk about how color, images, and energy all interplay to create the desired effect.  This is a great thing to do at the beginning of a new year, or a new chapter of your life.  Materials will be provided and you will leave with your own Intention Candle.  Cost for this Workshop is $35 (a group of 4 or more please) and lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours. $10 up-charge for custom candle, Please contact me directly to consult
  • Reiki : Energy Work and Energy Type
    • Interested in energy work?  No idea where to start?  Reiki is a great energy work modality that can be used for both healing and personal empowerment.  For a magickal practitioner it can enhance your ability to connect with energy and is a great compliment to your skill set.  Interested in magick, but harnessing energy makes no sense?  Reiki can be a great intro to help with all of these things and more.  In this workshop, we will cover a brief history of Reiki, what is Reiki as a healing modality and as a type of energy, and different ways to apply this energy from healing to empowerment. Cost for this Workshop is $20 (a group of 4 or more please) and lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour. A modified version of this workshop is also offered that is 2 hours long where we involve more hands on experience in receiving Reiki with more options for Q&A.  Cost is $30.

Some options include:

  • Reiki Share
  • Intro to Energy Work Workshop
  • Reading Party
  • Energy Work Party

A Little About Reiki as a form of energy healing

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on healing energy modality.  It can be used for relaxation and for healing of the mind, body, and soul.  Reiki as we know it today, was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 1920’s in Japan. He opened a Reiki clinic in 1922 in Harajuku Tokyo.  Reiki came to the West through Hawayo Takata in Hawaii  in 1937.  Since then we have learned much more about Reiki and it’s practical applications.
Rei means universal.  Ki means life energy.  We all have access to this energy, but Reiki practitioners have become attuned to this energy, which allows them to access it much easier.  The energy flows from above, using the practitioner as a conduit, to flow down through the hands of the healer into the client.  Most people experience this energy as a warmth coming from the Reiki practitioner’s hands.

Why should I have an energy healing session?

We all have our bumps, bruises, and wounds from life, whether they be something physical, or something on our psyche or spirit body. We carry the hurts that others have done unto us well past when we mean to. Reiki can help with all of these types of issues.
Reiki energy can be thought of as water, and our hurts, whether physical or not, can be thought of as dirt and debris. Reiki gently flushes against these pockets of bad energy, washing them away. The practitioner helps guide these energies and sends the negative ones back to the earth to be renewed.
The healing that occurs during a Reiki session is always for the client’s highest and greatest good. This means that although you may come to us for a physical ailment, there may be something else that needs he energy to heal. Maybe there is a trauma from your past that you have not yet addressed, whatever the issue, Reiki will go where it serves your highest good. This gentle energy only helps us grow! Amazing things await if we are open and willing to accept this energy.

At it’s base, Reiki is a great and effective Japanese relaxation technique.  However, it has the potential to do so much more, if you are open and willing to receive the energy it has to give.

What is Bio-Energy Healing?

Bio-Energy Healing is a technique that focuses on manipulating the Bio-Field.  We all have an energy field surrounding us, and often it gets clogged up with traumas, injuries, and emotions as we go through day to day life.  Bio-Energy helps identify, detoxify, and cleanse the Bio-Field.  With Bio-Energy Healing we focus on the chakra systems, detoxifying, cleansing, and removing blockages from our bodies.  When we do this, this allows our own bodies to facilitate healing on a physical level, as well as an emotional and spiritual level.  Camille is trained in the Michael D’Alton School of Bio-Energy Healing and more information can be found here.

*All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

All readings are confidential and private.

Readings are never a substitute for medical, legal, or other professional help.

I do not give refunds. 

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